Today was exciting; I remembered my stylus.

Great day for a number of reasons. One of which was I remembered my stylus. I am unsure at this stage whether my plan to use a stylus and sport a digital note/iPad thing will work. Very skeptical but equally hopeful, which is as close to a wacky adventure as I prefer these days. 

Enough about that, today there was a great realisation; I like contemporary Russian design and enjoy looking at it immensely. It’s almost entertaining, there’s no holding back in Russia and it seems the brands get permission to go for it, too. I’ve posted a few images from Brand New reviews on Russian work.  

A long distance telephone provider, by Re-Branding.

Winter Olympics
Designed by BOSCO Sports, uniform sponsors of the national team.  

A brand for Moscow. Surprise + Smile = WOW.
Not an official government thing, just two guys who decided to do it before someone else does I guess. 

Moscow Design Museum
Really enjoyed this wacky identity just posted on Brand New. They pulled it off, they did - great work as usual from Lava.

Of course who can forget this great work from Marina WIler at Wolf Ollins.