Very much enjoyed this 100 Years of Design site from AIGA. Lots of very articulate, intelligent, eminent designers sharing thoughts on what design is, how it works and why it matters. Great site too.

Very much enjoyed this 100 Years of Design site from AIGA. Lots of very articulate, intelligent, eminent designers sharing thoughts on what design is, how it works and why it matters. Great site too.

Talking with Bonnie about 2013 (One of those obligatory lists everyone makes at the end of a year)

I’d almost forgotten about this Desktop piece when it came out in print last year, and now the kind Desktop peeps have posted to their website. Was fun making this list over a 2 hour conversation (I spilled my glass of red wine all over an artwork and the wool carpet I was having such fun) - I also liked reading it, coming to it almost fresh, thanks time and distance (and alcohol) from the source.

Quick excerpt of the key take outs is below, but do click on the list and read it in full as the conversation is quite nice. I do quite like ‘in conversation’ pieces.

Tech Taking The Lead
Apple’s iOS7, Microsoft and Google shed the frills and embraced flat, sharp typography and graphics to match. Expect to see more as tech leads a change in visual culture and encourages its broad audience to engage with rigorous design processes.

Hipster Graphics Run Their Course?
With the whitegoods store across the road now looking the same as the espresso bar on the corner, the gothics, slabs and needless flourishes of hipster branding are now the new norm. This can only mean their end.

Optus: Best Large Scale Rebrand In Dry Year
Optus’ rebrand grew on us as Energy Australia and South Australia’s rebrand appalled and re-appalled.

Local Stars Shine in 2013
The quality of work done by small studios has rocked the design award ceremonies. Sydney’sNaughty Fish and End of Work, and Melbourne’s Friend of Mine produced work that set off that special, aspirational yearn to be a better designer.

Melbourne Graduate Beats Agencies At Create Awards
The ‘Project of The Year’ winner at the Create Awards 2013 was Andrew Robertson, a graduate of Swinburne. Andrew won the Emerging Talent Category, but then went on to win the overall prize, beating award-winning agencies and studios.

More Graphic Design Archives In The Shelves
Australia’s own Re:Collection was this year relaunched bigger and better. The Alan Fletcher archives went online, along with the launch of the Herb Lubalin Study Centre. Smaller, but no less important archives like MoMA’s print invitations went online too, in Please Come To The Show.

Flinders Street Station Redevelopment Competition
Everyone got involved and had a say. Even if you are not interested in architecture, the amount of social engagement around this project encouraged some awareness of urban planning and public space.

The Feed: Bloggers Blow Up
The very recent, phenomenal power of the blogger is epitomised in Australian interiors and design blog, The Design Files. Run by Lucy Feagins out of her home in Melbourne, The Design Files is now the most widely read design blog in Australia, crashing servers with a single recommendation.

Digit Art’s First Major Auction
Paddles ON!, in collaboration with Tumblr, staged a first-time event at major auction house, Phillips. Seventeen digital artists sold pieces of work – including websites, animated GIFs and YouTube videos – that were already free and accessible to the public, for a total of $90,000. This makes this form of art-making tradable, but is ownership the point?

Australian Design’s First Social Media Controversy
Sydney Design Festival organised a poster competition in aid of promotion for the 2013 program. Open to everyone, the move offended the Australian design community, which argued that in previous years the tender had been offered to professional studios. Building to full controversy, designers logged onto the competition page and posted satirical entries with the message that a design festival should support the design community, instead of crowdsourcing work on the cheap. The competition was closed.

AGDA Invites Change With Vote
Suffering some heavy criticism, AGDA this year offered members the chance to have their say in its structure. The vote invited wide participation, but the results have not yet been publically shared. Perhaps 2014 holds the scoop on this one…

The Ideas that Shaped Management in 2013

Some light holiday reading.

The Schedule Makers - ESPN

Love this; Every First-Edition Ian Fleming James Bond Book Cover (1953-1966)

Love this; Every First-Edition Ian Fleming James Bond Book Cover (1953-1966)

That rare moment when a blog touches your heart

A life in matches, from Ben Stott, is one of those all too rare examples of unexpectedly true beauty only the internet can (sometimes) be capable of.

On going through his grandfather’s belongings, Ben discovered a suitcase full to the brim with match boxes collected from a life of travels. I only know Ben from Twitter (ie. hardly), and I know his grandfather even less (ie. not at all) - but each of these little matchboxes had my mind racing, imagining where and how he came to possess each little keepsake.

What did that bar look like? What was the scorecard at that golf course? What must it have been like to fly with QANTAS back then.

Thanks Ben.

Quite a beautiful blog - A Chronology

Phonebloks - A phone worth keeping

The inescapable incongruity of sophisticated architecture against the typical Australian residential context. (via 2013 National Architecture Awards shortlist | ArchitectureAU)

The inescapable incongruity of sophisticated architecture against the typical Australian residential context. 
(via 2013 National Architecture Awards shortlist | ArchitectureAU)

Get your shotguns ready…

Shot Down
(via AGDA)

So it seems I’ll be speaking at an AGDA event. Yes! Me! At an AGDA event… Nope, not a mistake - they really did mean to invite me! Nice to see them engage with people who have criticised and ‘widen the circle’ of AGDA speakers and people - often in the past it’s seemed like a rather small clique who participate in these - nice to see it enlarged.

From their website;

With a reputation as one of the ‘not to be missed’ events on the AGDA calendar - Shot Down sold out in 2011 and 2012. For 2013 we welcome Ian Haig (Ketchup), Clinton Duncan (There), Cat van der Werff (Frost) and Ben Chandler (Landor) to the stage. Hear them talk about failed concepts, failed projects, stuff that they were gutted didn’t get through.

We all have them, ideas that you slave over for days/weeks, only to have the concept Shot Down by the client. Find out why the work was shot down? Was the designer right? Or did the client have a point?

Join the guest speakers as they reveal projects unseen, unheard, unrealised and under appreciated.

To cap it off we have the infamous Mr Christopher Doyle who will MC and keep the speakers in order.

Get in quick this event sold out in 48 hours last year.

Thursday 14th November
6.30pm until late

Campbell Street 
Surry Hills

$25 members
$40 non members

Anita 9975 4008